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PT SAEBO TECHNOLOGY ( "Saebo" or "We" ) respects privacy and or things pertaining to your privacy protection. In this privacy policy we must explain to you how we obtain, collect, process, analyze, use, display, advertise, transmit, disseminate, delete and destroy your personal data that you are given to us or that are collected by us both at the time of downloading, filing, accessing web sites, and using a service or product of saebo or sm@rt247 ( "application" ), Unless it's set up on a separate privacy policy.

You must claim that your personal data is correct and valid, and you gave consent to us to obtain, collect, process, analyze, store, display, advertise, transmit, disseminate, delete and destroy according to this privacy policy and current legislation regulations.

We hope you are carefully reading these privacy policies to ensure that you understand how we are protecting and using your privacy data.

Using an application means you acknowledge that you have read, understand and agreed to all the terms of this privacy policy, which is one indivisible unit with the application's terms and conditions. Please click the following link to access the application terms and conditions.




"Personal data" is all data, information, and or information in any form that can identify you, among other things: Full name, identity card and include all the data on it, passport and all the data, birth date, gender, marital status, height of weight, cell phone number (E-mail), mobile phone numbers - including but not limited to And includes agreeing with the release of the data to other applications we have made that have been glued and or linked in the 'sm@rt247 'application you use on your device, data relating information about your transaction activities on the application, and other data classified as personal data both the time you start using the application and the time period during which you use the application.



We need your personal data to enable one of them to process transactions, so the personal data you gave us must be as accurate and not misleading. You should update and let us know if there is any change in your personal data. By using an application, you've waiver us from any claim, lawsuit, compensation, and or claim pertaining to the failed processing of transactions on applications caused by the inaccuracies of personal data you gave us.

If you are under 18 years old, if you are not married or under guardianship or guardianship, then you need approval from your parents, your guardian or legal host to give us personal information. When your personal data is given to us, you hereby declare and guarantee that your parents, legal guardians or utilities have approved your personal processing of that data and have personally accepted and agreed to be bound by this privacy policy and be responsible for your actions.

When you provide personal data relating to others, such as your spouse, family members, and or your friends, then you claim and guarantee that you have the authority and approval of the personal data owner to give us their personal data to use according to the purposes outlined in this privacy policy.




Your providing of personal data is voluntary. But if you do not give us your personal information, we cannot provide services or products or process your payments.

Your personal data collection takes place when you are making or doing account checks or other times when it takes time. We'll be collecting personal data each time you access or use an application.




As for our purposes processing, analyze, and use your personal data accordingly and allowed by current regulations:

Identify and register you as an application user while doing verification, disabling or managing your account, including knowing the customer (know your customer);

Expand, add, and provide services and or products to meet your needs;

Process and manage your application and its related components;

Preventing, detecting, investigating and reducing ACTS of forbidden, illegal, illegal, or cheating, which may occur in application usage - including but not in fraud, embezzlement, theft, and money laundering;

Perfecting the application's demographic data research;

Developing, enhancing, and providing services, products, and features in applications;

Make a delivery of information that we feel is beneficial to you after you give us your consent that you don't mind being contacted about our services;

Using your personal data for internal administrative purposes, such as; Audit, data analysis, database recordings;

Communicating with you on all matters concerning applications, and or features of them at the same time contributes to the safety, safety, and sustainability of applications, our services, and or features thereof;

Enables us to provide and process services you requested or transactions you do;




We are sometimes obliged to display, announce, send, and or release personal data to a third party for the development, enhancement, protection, or maintenance of applications and other services. Using your application means to have given us approval, permission, and authority to announce, transmit, and or disseminate and provide access to personal data to a third party for the purposes referred to in paragraph D above.

The third party as referred to in this paragraph can be - included but not limited to:

Our affiliated community company for or for the purposes associated with the provision of applications and other related activities;

Authority or institution of government if

(i)     Hinting or mandated by rules or laws is valid - including but not limited to questions regarding regulation, inquiry or guidance, or requirements or filing provisions and reporting;

(ii)   There is a legal process associated with us;

A third party that transacts a corporate transaction, such as the creation of a new company, the merging of corporate stock, the sale of subsidiary or division, the consolidation, the takeover, the sale of assets, or the liquidation;

Other third parties - including agents, vendors, suppliers, contractors, partners and others - that provide services to us or you, so that the third party can introduce or offer you products or perform other activities including the third party's marketing, research, analysis, and development;

As to the disclosure of personal data to the third party for the intended purpose, we guarantee the safety and confidentiality of your personal data. We will only reveal personal data according to its application purposes. We cannot disclose your personal details without a non-disclosure agreement between us and the third party who receives that personal information.


Using the application, you've given us permission to link to a third-party website. We are not responsible for the acquisition, collection, processing, analysis, use, storage, performance, announcements, deliveries, dissemination, dissemination, removal and destruction of your personal data by those three parties. Similarly, if you deliver information directly to the site, it is the same privacy and service policy as the website that will take effect, and we are not responsible for any information processing activities or privacy policies from the site.




Your personal data collected by us will be kept according to regulations of legislation in Indonesia for as long as it takes to fulfill the purposes outlined in this privacy policy;

Similarly we would cease to store, delete and or destroy that personal data after it was thought that the purpose of the collecting of personal data was no longer needed and allowed by current regulations or laws;

Since your personal data is possible to be stored, transferred or prepared by a third party service provider, we will make reasonable efforts to ensure that the third party receives personal data protection according to this privacy policy.



You are responsible for keeping your personal data secret by not allowing a third party to access your personal information without your consent and knowledge. We are not responsible for the misuse of your account, password and or pin which you created and use to access your personal data wherever you store your personal information, including account, password and or pin to access or login to the application. You are obliged to inform us when you believe that your application's password and or pin is abused by a third party.



All applications and support systems include but are not limited to:

a.    Layout, design, and display of applications found or displayed on media;

b.    Logos, photos, pictures, names, brands, words, letters, Numbers, letters, and colorings found in the applications; and

c.    The combination referred to in letters (a) and (b), is entirely our intellectual property rights and no one else shares the rights to the application as well as to the layout, the design and display of the application;

You're not allowed from time to time to:

a.     Copying, modifying, adapting, translating, creating works derivative, distributing, selling, diverting, publicly viewing, reproducing, transmitting, transmitting, transmitting, or dismantling any part of or otherwise exploiting applications - including support systems and services within them - are licensed to you, unless allowed in these terms and conditions,

b.     To give a license or sublicense, sell or resell, move, divert, distribute or otherwise make available to a third party or software;

c.      Publishing, distributing or multiplying in any way materials that have copyright, trademark, or other information without our approval or the proprietor of that right gave us his rights license,

d.     Removing any copyright, trademark or other property-rights notification contained in the application,

e.     To recreate or access applications and or support systems to construct a match or service, or to build a product by using ideas, features, functions or graphics of some kind, or copying ideas, features, functions or graphics,

f.       Using automatic or script programs - including but not limited to, web crawlers, web indexers, bots, viruses, worms, or other types of applications and any program that might make a few request servers per second, creating heavy loads or blocking operations and or the performance of the Sm@rt247 application,

g.     Using robots, spiders, search sites or applications for reretrieval, or other manual-or automated devices or processes to retrieve, index, "data mine" (mine), or in any way reproduce or avoid navigation structures or presentations from the application and all its contents.



You can request access and or request changes in your personal data, by contacting the contact center or application user services by including supporting evidence, through:

Contact Us +628777805459;

Email to;

Help Center on the Sm@rt247 App;

Twitter (@saebo_smart247);

Facebook (@saebo.smart247);

We have the right to refuse your request to access and or alter your personal data based on current legislation.



If you intend for us to terminate the use of your personal data, you can contact the center above or select the "unsolicited" option on the message we send so that you no longer receive messages from us you understand that the removal of that agreement can result in the termination of any of your account services or our agreement with you, under the stipulations of all rights and obligations that appear thereafter must be met. If you intend to continue discontinuing the application services, we are obliged to inform you of the possible consequences, so you can decide whether to revoke your approval.




This privacy policy is governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the republic of Indonesia.



We can at any time change, renew, and or add any or all rules to this privacy policy, according to our business to the future, and or change in the applicable regulations of the law. If we do that change or addition, We will inform you through notification given through the applications and or, and or to your email address.

Continuing to use applications means that you have consented to the changes, upgrades, and or additions we have made to this privacy policy.

If you continue to use applications after reading this privacy policy, you have approved this privacy policy - including changes - and can continue to use the application.



This regulation and privacy policy have been valid since March 1, 2020.