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Our Philosophy

Advancement through technologies:

We believe that technologies would change the world. These days, we have seen how traditional’ giants’ are ‘disturbed’ – or even ‘give- up’ – to some technology-oriented ‘newbies’. To become one of those newbies, we always think how to participate in making better world with where our passions are: technologies

First class or nothing:

We never claim that our products are ‘the best’ or even ‘first class’ to our clients. However, when we create products, we always put all of our thoughts, hearts, and passions into them. Our toughest standard is judged by the person we see in mirrors. That’s what we feel as ‘first class’.

Constant-and-never-ending improvements:

God gives us 2 ears and 1 mouth, because we should listen at least twice more than we talk. We let our clients – even competitors – to talk and to comment about us, about our products. We let others to judge us and to tell us what is not perfect yet. We are very grateful. And we thank them by going back to drawing boards and by improving whatever we already have

Our Focus:

  • Encrypted technologies
  • Android, iOS, and Huawei Apps gallery development
  • Desktop development
  • Server and cloud security
  • API, PHP, and web development
  • Banking and financial security
  • Big data management

Our Passion


The most interesting factors of technology are due to these self- augmenting long-term trends. Therefore, we feel that playing with technologies is both fun - as well as - challenging to bring many good things in life to us, to our clients, and to society.


We understand that the most attractive aspects of technologies is problem solving. Therefore, we listen - at least twice as much as our customers talk - to understand their needs before we even start brainstorming for the best possible solutions.


When we build or creates solutions, we want ‘the best-out-of-ourselves” in every detail. You ask for the best solution? Sure. But we will serve them on ‘golden plates’ as well. That’s passion and commitment.


Some people call us “out-of-the-box think tanks”, “renegades of regulations”, or “outlaws of regularities”. Whatever you describe about how we think and search for solutions, we care only the best end-results for you – not how to get there.


We are satisfied only if you are. We keep working on the best solutions inside, while satisfying you - our customers - outside. In other words, you tell us how your best solutions want to be ‘served’. And we will keep adapting until you are satisfied.


We are in partnership with a world-class reward management company running premier loyalty programs worldwide. So your transaction will earn points can be redeemed to some of the best brands: Samsung, LGs, traveling, etc.


When you use our problem-solving products, we are actually “bound” for life. Not only that you get our prime 24/7 real time supports, but also continuous updates of products - for as long as you feel that our products are the ones for you.


As a member of suite of communities, you are entitled to participate in several open events held by our clients. Enjoy many inspiring events and expand your business with more networks from different communities.

Our Contributions

“The quality of our products and services can only be measured by how much they have contributed to the life of our clients, partners, and society”


Saebo hybrid sm@rtCARD:

the world’s first white-labeled multi-function cards with the Saebo hybridC@rd technology: ID card with door access, attendance-link systems, ATM/ debit bank cards, AND e-toll card with patented fund-retrievable feature.

so.. how are you going to impress your communities or companies?

Saebo sm@rt247 phone:

Working exclusively with the world’s largest 5G network company – Huawei - this white-labeled smart phones is locked to your community profile and is practically always under your control to:

  • locate its position in real-time
  • make it impossible to erase your login profile
  • remotely ‘self-destruct’ your data to avoid being seen ‘illegally’
  • open virtual bank account and assign its ATM card
  • and many more features you can’t live without

Saebo sm@rtSCAN camera:

Empowered by one of the leading thermal camera manufacturer, Saebo sm@rtSCAN 247 systems would allow you to:

  • identity the presence of your community members
  • identify walking members with their body temperature without pausing
  • link their presence with your data base for virtually unlimited numbers of custom-made command
  • link their presence with various hardwares to support your community’s mission statement
  • and many more


Identity Shifting

This platform allows your community to download just a single app that will deploy different user-interface and functions depending on how you set it up.

For instance, a platform for a school could deploy different menu: prospective students, students, teachers, parents, alumnis, Board of Directors, etc. Each with its unique function. Who needs multiple application if you can have “One for All, All for One”?

Saebo myB@nk

With the most versatile and easy-to-custom banking platform, your community would be able to:

  • create instant bank accounts 24 hours 7 days a week
  • issue account-related national ATM bank card or Saebo hybridC@rd
  • digital-payment your community activities
  • real-time transaction history
  • create and pay digital invoices
  • earn Andaru point for transaction
  • create multi-layered commission payment
  • link to other banks’ debit / credit cards worldwide
  • and many other financial transaction never been possible before

Saebo hex@SUITE

This platform is intended to put together a suite of various application and tasks so they would be easier to manage and to use. You will be able to:

  • put as many apps as you need
  • create your own apps or pick ready-to-use apps
  • organize those apps in a structure you are comfortable with
  • design your own color and user-interface
  • many more ways to fulfill your wildest dreams
  • When people say ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’...your customer will be impressed that this ‘simple-looking’ menu could be packed and loaded with various functions and technologies



Earning 5 MURI certification in technology innovation and winning ‘the Most Transparant Information’ Award of Bali (even beating the 5-year champion Kabupaten Badung), sm@rtDesa is more than just a complete program to support village administration works and daily activity of their people.

With sm@rtDesa, village officers could:

  • locate people based on social status (poor, below average, average, and well off) and real-time position based on blood types
  • remotely finish administration works from anywhere (even before the pandemic occurs)
  • promote local products and tourism spots to national and international markets (BUMDES)
  • distribute Government funding directly to individuals thanks to the banking application enable villagers to open bank account instantly 24 hours 7 days a week
  • update people data instantly (marriage status, new resident permits, etc.)
  • and hundreds of other features

With sm@rtDesa, residents could:

  • make appointment to see officers online
  • print legal documents without going to village offices by using QR Codes
  • open and promote their virtual shops nationwide - even globall (and arrange the shipment of products ordered)
  • take ATM cards at village offices after opening bank accounts online
  • share and get notified of local events by officers or other villagers
  • and hundreds of other never-occured-before features

reference: Google, Kompas, Bali TV, Youtube, Antara News,


This suite of applications is exclusively built for Global Friendship Association and its members - foreigners without KITAS to:

  • open bank accounts instantly 24 hours 7 days a week
  • provide needed services, e.g. outpatient health insurance, legal and law-related services, and many other benefits
  • issue ATM cards function as well as ID cards, door access, debit and cash cards, e-toll card with patented fund-retrievable feature


Probably the most reliable, convenient, and fastest banking application to:

  • open bank accounts instantly 24 hours 7 days a week
  • transfer in real-time virtually unlimited amounts of funds between accounts
  • issue while-labeled ATM cards locally (GPN Network) or globally (Mastercard Network)
  • reward points - cooperated with one of the world’s largest loyalty point managment company - for transaction redeemable to brand-name items: Samsung, B&O, international flight tickets, hundreds of restaurant vouchers, etc.
  • real-time history of transaction
  • support other marketplaces or digital payment
  • and many more benefits not available in traditional banking

and more application for Governmental and private use, some of them are

  • Aman Nusa 2: the most precise, accountable, and instant activity Police reports
  • Pikmi: developed for one of the nation’s biggest private school, this application is applied to maximize the security of children pick up during school hours
  • sm@rtSCAN 247: the hottest deal in town! Monitoring body temperature and identifying group of walking people without taking off their masks
  • reward points - cooperated with one of the world’s largest loyalty point managment company - for transaction redeemable to brand-name items: Samsung, B&O, international flight tickets, hundreds of restaurant vouchers, etc.
  • real-time history of transaction
  • support other marketplaces or digital payment
  • and many more benefits not available in traditional banking

so ... how we help you to take your business to the INTERNET of THINGS?


“Publication and awards are the measurements of how we contribute to creating a better life for our clients and partners”

the MURI certificates for:

the first village with online residents data based on their social status (poor, below average, average, prosperous)
the application to digital map the location of residents in an area without any internet or cellphone signal
the first village to utilize the application of sm@rtBUDGETING
the first village to utilize and to take advantage of “Cashless Management”
the application to locate real-time positions of people based on their blood-rhesus and blood-types

(Transparency Government Agency):“Duda Timur Village, the Winner as the Most Transparant Financial and Information Report”

“the Duda Timur Village Wins the MOST INFORMATIVE Award”

“First in Indonesia, Duda Timur Village Launches the sm@rtDesa Village Digital Application”

“The No-Barrier-Technology Application of Duda Timur Village (Aplikasi Tanpa Batas Desa Duda Timur)”


“We never intend to become perfect partners or service providers. We work hard only to prove to our partners and clients that we are worth they are trusting us to support their goals.
In short, we are successful only if they are”


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